I wanted to be cartoonist when I was a kid, I was always drawing in the back of my notebooks and stuff. Actually I’m not a cartoonist or animator, but I do something similar working in the video-game industry, doing my job with passion and excersicing my right side of the brain (creative) to acomplish quality in the work I do.

I worked +5 years in a video game art studio called CGbot, a professional AAA Studio with so many great titles as a portfolio. I have worked in a team responsible of 3D content creation for BioWare’s game, Star Wars: The old republic. I have also worked in other great titles as the remake of Metal Gear Solid: HD collection, Jeopardy, The Sims FreePlay and more.

Now I am a freelancer and entrepeneur with +10 years of experience and free time to start working on the development of my passion, as it is art.

I would really like to expand my abilities even more, so I can create better creative stuff. I consider myself a teacher and a student as Im always learning and improving.

I am also the co-owner of an online store of superfoods called



I offer a full selection of asset creation services, from simple props to high detail photorealistic characters.

3D Assets

  • General Props
  • Weapons
  • Vehicles
  • Characters

2D Assets

  • Props
  • Tilings
  • Animation
  • Illustrations


  • Geometry/ Polygon optimisation
  • High detail Hard-Surface Modeling
  • High quality Zbrush sculpted assets
  • Texturing (High Quality Lighting and Shading)
  • Tiling textures
  • Fast Delivery (Worth every hour)

Time Zone

  • Central Time Zone (UTC-06:00)

All assets will be made to fit your specified budget for your platform and engine. For a full list of available services please contact us through the contacts page and we will get back to you with  availability and a free quote.